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Mandolin Arm Rest

The Siren Arm rest was developed to protect the finish on the top of a mandolin from the damage that can result from continued exposure to skin.

A welcome side effect is that with the arm no longer in contact with the top, the top is free to vibrate unobstructed. In addition, holding the mandolin between your body and forearm is much more comfortable. Instead of sharp edges digging into the forearm, the arm rests on a rounded and polished ebony surface.

The arm rests are hand carved from solid ebony, and attached to the instrument using the same brackets used to attach chin rests to violins. Only cork contacts the instrument.


$50.00 ea.

Add $5.00 per shipment for shipping and handling within the US. 


Close up of how the armrest is attached to the mandolin. No metal or wood contacts the instrument.



Top View

Side View

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To order, send check or money order to:

Siren String Works
207 N Waterview Dr.
Richardson, TX  75080